Following Up After Second Interview

Margaret writes:
I had a flyback interview at Bristol CT and the inteviewer said that I would get the notice in 2-3 weeks. But it is almost three weeks now and they have not sent me any notice.

I called FollowUpand found out that they have not interviewed other candidates so far.

How can I follow up? Shall I call the decision-maker?

I really feel that I am the match for the position and am enthusiastic about the position.

Please advise.

The Career Doctor responds:

You are at a critical junction in your job search and you must take action immediately.

First have you sent a thank-you letter to all involved from your flyback interview of a few weeks ago? Thank-you letters are extremely undervalued by job-seekers. If you have then move to the next paragraph. If you have not then you will need to do some fancy footwork and send out letters immediately – thanking them *again* for their time and considerations making it sound as though you are simply following up again.

Assuming you have sent the first thank-you letters now is time to certainly take action – don’t wait another minute. I want you to call the decision-maker immediately. Call this person with the simple reason that you are following-up on the position and wanted to know where things stand. To a certain extent the old saying about the squeaky wheel is true here: be persistent about calling and getting the status but don’t call every day. At best you’ll get an answer; maybe there is a temporary hiring freeze. At worst you’ll get strung along some more but at least you are showing your interest in the position and the company.

I hope things work out for you… now go make some phone calls!
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