Following Up After All Post-Interview Signals Indicated She’d Get the Job

Christina writes:
I had an interview in the middle of January and it went very well. I left the
interview with the employer telling me that he and the company would
miss a great opportunity if they don’t hire me.
I had contact with the employer at the end of January and was told that my
background check is clear references checked out fine and my application
is waiting for a stamp of approval.
My question is that since then I have not heard anything yet as of early March…
I’m wondering if a follow-up is necessary or should I just wait for the
employer to contact me. What is your advice?

The Career Doctor responds:
I want everyone reading this blog to make a solemn promise to me…
when you are next in the middle of a job search you will ALWAYS follow-up
with the prospective employer. Employers want to hire go-getters people
who have an interest and desire to work for them and that’s what following-up
does — it shows the employer you want to work for that company. Job-seekers
must be proactive in your job-search not reactive waiting for the employer to
contact you.
So Christina if I were you I would immediately jump on the telephone and
call the hiring manager and simply state that you wanted to call and check
in and see if there was anything else he — or the company — needed from you.
I personally would be a bit more aggressive and add anything they needed
from me in order to finalize the job offer but that’s just me.
Follow-up after job interviews is essential and it always starts with a thank-you note or letter. You also have to make periodic contact with the hiring manager.
Now don’t start calling everyday or once an hour as happened to me when
I was a hiring manager years ago because then you’ll be flagged as someone
desperate or psychotic… but once a week is certainly reasonable.
But do not panic because you have not heard back yet… many employers
have really stretched the hiring process over the last few years — partly to be
sure they have found the best candidate and not overlooked anyone and
partly due to budgetary issues.
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