Follow Up with Recruiter After Post-Interview Silence?

Cindy writes:

I have been reading your stuff on the Internet and found it to be very helpful.
I have a question on what my approach should be next for a job I really would love to have. This is how the process has played out:

1. 30-minute call with the recruiter

2. 5-hour group interview with five key people

3. Second interview with Global HR and second with two people I would work with as part of a team

The recruiter said he got great feedback after the first interview.

It has been 5 day\s since the second interview and I have not heard anything back. I did not ask any of the interviewers when to expect a decision. Is it appropriate to contact the recruiter at this time? If so should I be straightforward and ask it they have made a decision on the job and express my continued interest in the position? And if I get a voice mailbox should I leave a message and follow-up with email?

The Career Doctor responds:
I would definitely contact the recruiter. I’d suggest being a little more subtle than asking if they’ve made a decision; rather since you didn’t ask about the decision timeline in the interview you can ask about the timeline when you call and as you say express your continued interest. Yes do leave a voicemail if the recruiter doesn’t answer personally. By the way did you send thank-you notes after the interview?