Fitting Job Interviews into Current Work Schedule

Chris writes:
I am job hunting for a different line of work but I have problem with my current work schedule. I work 8 to 4 pm M-F and it’s difficult to go on many job interviews after using a couple of doctor-appointment excuses. How do I also keep my current employer from becoming suspicious while I’m searching?

The Career Doctor responds:
The best advice I can offer you is to try and schedule your interviews for “after hours” such as after 4 p.m. If a potential employer is truly interested the interviewer will be willing to schedule interviews then. You could also try the “lunchtime” interviews but I’ve found those don’t work well for either party.
If those times don’t work for you — and if you are truly committed to making a change you might also take a few personal days and try to bunch a few interviews on those days.
Finally are you more worried about your boss or your employer? If you have a good relationship with your supervisor you might consider talking with him or her about putting some flexibility in your schedule to allow you to take the time for interviews.


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