Finding Work with Animals, Conservation, or Travel

workingwithanimalsSean writes:
I have recently made a decision to completely change my career path. I would love to find a career that involves animals and/or travel. I want to do something important in the way of helping to save and preserve our wilderness.

I am having difficulty finding what careers are out there that would combine these two interests. Could you suggest a resource where I might find some possibilities?

The Career Doctor responds:
Since I don’t really have any idea of your education and work background it’s a little hard for me to know exactly the types of jobs you enjoy or are qualified for but I’ll ignore that issue and face the bigger question: Where can you find a job/career that involves animals/wilderness/travel?

My immediate reaction was to go to Quintessential Careers: Volunteering and Nonprofit Career and Job Opportunities. At this site you can find links to Earthwatch the National Park Service and other organizations that may offer career opportunities that match your new career interests. There are also many other environmentally-oriented groups such as The Wilderness Society that have their own Websites where you may be able to network and search for job opportunities.

Finally you might check your college’s career office or a local college’s career office for leads especially if one of these schools has an environmental studies department.
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