Finding Work When You’re Disabled

Holly writes:
I am trying to help my sister who is slightly handicapped find a new job. The company she works for is relocating and she can’t move. Can you tell me where to start to find her a job?

The Career Doctor responds:
Thanks for writing Holly. Since I’m not sure what you mean by slightly handicapped I don’t know how much assistance you need to give her but I’ll take a stab here at some general advice for her and others who are handicapped or disabled.

While a few sites exist on the Web for disabled workers – find a list of them at
this section of Quintessential Careers: Career Resources for Disabled-Amercans – I think your best bet is googling or looking in the phone book for your community’s social-service organizations and contacting them about programs for your sister.

You could also conduct a job search for your sister much as you would for yourself.

If your sister lives in or near a major metropolitan area there are probably several large employers that you should target for your sister. Once you have identified the companies contact the human resource offices and see about job openings and if necessary for her particular handicap whether they participate in offering jobs for
individuals with her handicap.
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