Finding Top Financial-Services Recruiters

Ken writes:
Could you please send me a list of the top financial services recruiters?

The Career Doctor responds:
A number of sources are available for finding the information you seek. The
best online source is Oya’s Recruiter Directory which allows you to search for recruiters by location
or specialty.
But before you jump into the world of working with recruiters — also referred to
as headhunters executive recruiters executive search consultants — let
me offer some advice.
First it always works better for you if you have been contacted by a headhunter
rather than the other way around. Headhunters work for the companies that hire
them to find and screen the candidates they seek so a headhunter may not
be as interested in you if they do not have a particular slot they are trying to fill
that matches your qualifications.
Second never pay for any kind of services. Some folks mistake employment agencies with recruiters. Recruiters are always paid by the employer; job-seekers
never should have to pay any company a fee for helping them find a job.
Third adjust your job-search materials to the format that
recruiters want. Your resume must be a standard chronological format. You
should have a specific job-search goal in mind. And you should have a detailed
list of your specific — and ideally quantified — accomplishments.
Recruiters and headhunters can be a valuable asset to you in your job-search.
They are connected to positions that may never be publicly known — the so-called
hidden job market. And if you have the skills and accomplishments that match the
types of jobs they fill it can be an extremely beneficial relationship.
But remember you should always strive for a balanced job-search — using multiple
sources of job leads.
Learn more about using and finding headhunters in this section of Quintessential Careers: Recruiter/Headhunter
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