Finding Job Opportunities in Social Work

Joyce writes:
I would like to know what type of employment opportunities are there for a person that has a social-work degree but no employment opportunities in social work? What would be the transferable skills? What would be good alternative employment choices and where could I find information about them?

The Career Doctor responds:
It’s been my experience that there are many opportunities in the social-work area; however the pay and benefits for some of those positions is not the greatest. If you have the desire and drive to help people I encourage you to take that journey.

Some good Websites that may be able to help you in your quest:

  1. Social Service Jobs. This site has jobs postings in numerous social service jobs by state as well as links to other social work resources.
  2. Occupational Handbook: Social Work. This site lists all sorts of details and statistics about social work and predicts faster than average growth for social workers.

Other possible jobs with someone with your degree? School counselors and corporate trainers come to mind.
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