Finding Freelance Work from Home

Tim writes:
I don’t know how to go about looking for jobs or posting my interests (particularly on the Internet) where I would be able to work from home on my computer (such as a transcriptionist) … I have a journalism degree and worked primarily in page design and copy editing. … I liked the design aspect (have also designed brochures pamphlets etc.). I am not a graphic designer though.

The Career Doctor responds:
Well make sure you don’t go to any of those “work at home and earn millions” Websites!

Seriously there are several avenues you could follow. Many businesses and other organizations often have a need for technical and report writers. I would develop a list of major organizations in your area and construct a direct mail campaign seeking freelance assignments. You should also network with any social and business organizations friends and former employers in the area.

Freelancing often hinges on good word-of-mouth. You might also contact some of the graphic design companies in the area and see about overflow freelance work.

You can find more resources and read more about freelancing in this section of Quintessential Careers: Jobs for Consultants Freelancers and Gurus.

Freelancing is a tough road to follow. I know — I was freelancing (while also working full-time) a few years back. It takes a lot of discipline and good marketing and sales skills.

Two books that you might look into for your situation are: Editorial Freelancing: A Practical Guide by Trumbull Rogers (Aletheia Publishers) and Successful Freelancing: The Complete Guide For Establishing And Running Any Kind Of Freelance Business by Marian Faux (St. Martin’s Press). Find these — and others — in the Quintessential Careers Bookstore’s Consulting & Freelancing Books.
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