Finding a Job When You Relocate

Robert writes:
As a senior mid-level manager with a major corporation for the last 12 years I have recently relocated with my company from the West to the Southeast which was basically the result of downsizing activity.

Essentially I have been trying to get back to the West as I find the position I am in now as well as the location and the company undesirable.

I have been in the job market for the last 6 months with zero response to my resume. Some recruiters have mentioned that my resume is very strong; however since I am in the Southeast it may be more difficult to attract employers in the West. My family and I are just about ready to pack up and move and just take our chances in finding the right job but I am fearful of throwing away my $95k salary and taking the risk. Would I be foolish to pack it in and take my chances out West? Any suggestions would be very helpful.

The Career Doctor responds:
First unless you have an unlimited supply of savings I would say stay with your current job for the time being. Beyond the fact that there are some avenues for job-hunting that you did not mention I would hate for your children to be yanked out of school so far into the school year.

I can think of a couple of resources right off the top of my head that I would suggest you explore. First why not approach a few management/executive recruiters based in California and get their evaluation of your situation. These folks will have a much better handle on the employment scene in California for peope with your experience and expertise. Oya’s Recruiter Directory is a great place to start is Oya’s Directory of Recruiters. Of course you don’t have to just use recruiters that are on the Web.

Second you could also look into national executive recruitment firms such as FutureStep which focuses on filling mid-level positions.

Third if you belong to an industry association I suggest using that network for job-hunting. Learn more about networking in this section of Quintessential Careers: The Art of Networking.

Finally though probably too broad and not confidential enough for you you could go to one of the several California jobs Websites such as CaliforniaJobs.
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