Finding a Job in Pharmaceutical Sales

Kelly writes:
I am desperately looking to begin my career soon. I am currently a student attending the University of Central Florida and I will graduate in August. My degree will be a Bachelor of Science in Liberal Studies with a minor in health. I plan to move with my boyfriend to New York and I will most definitely need to find a job that pays a decent salary. I was interested in working in pharmaceutical sales but I am not quite sure how to go about finding a job.

The Career Doctor responds:
The good news is that by far the top jobs that college students are recruited for are sales positions. The bad news is that sales positions in the pharmaceutical industry are highly competitive.

Attend the various career fairs that are happening in your area but at the same time develop a list of the pharmaceutical firms that you want to work for.. .then contact the firms and get the name of the national sales director and/or New York regional sales director. Also check with UCF’s career office to see if they have contacts/alumni you could contact about possible jobs.

Write to these individuals and ask for an interview … plan to make a trip up to the NYC area between spring and summer semesters if possible.
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