Finding a Job in IT Industry

MCSEJim writes:
I have eight years’ experience in the managed-care industry and am seeking to change my career to information technology.

I am currently taking courses for Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and expect to be certified within the next few months.

What is the best way to look for potential employers and positions in this field?
Economic conditions in my field make the need for a job change urgent.

The Career Doctor responds:
It really depends on how open you are to where the job may be located.

If you are open to moving then I would join a professional organization or professional discussion group on the Internet. Check out Quintessential Careers: The Art of Career and Job-Search Networking for the best sources for finding the right groups.

I would also search the job postings at our job board. Then I would search some of the IT-specific job sites the best of which can be found at Quintessential Careers: Computer Jobs. These three sources should generate plenty of job leads for you to follow.

If however you are not open to relocating then you need a much different approach. I would still suggest networking on the Net as described above but I would also make a strong effort to network locally – check local colleges and chambers of commerce for any information on information technology groups in your area. Then I would develop a target list of companies that are large enough to have a need for your services or are technology-related companies. Develop a list of the IT gurus (VPs division heads CIOs) for each of the companies and write them a personalized targeted cover letter. Then follow up with phone calls. I would also check with the company where you are getting the training to see about placement resources.

Finally I would see if there are any temporary or placement agencies in your area that specialize in placing IT professionals.
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