Exploring Career Options in Exercise Science

Marcus writes:
ExerciseScienceI am a sophomore at Ohio State University and I’m really interested in exercise
nutrition and dietary supplements. But I’m not sure what careers would suit my interests. I’ve been talking to professors in nutrition biochemistry and exercise science departments. They’ve given me good advice as far as preparing for graduate school. But I want to know what types of careers are out there what the jobs are like and the salaries associated with these jobs. Is there a book or online resource that I could consult? I appreciate any help you can offer.

The Career Doctor responds:
You are doing all the right things in terms of trying to explore job and career options and I am surprised the faculty you have talked to are so focused on graduate school and not on careers. Nevertheless when in doubt I always head to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Outlook Handbook. There are sections on nutritionists and physical therapists.

As for books. You could check out: Opportunities in Nutrition Careers (VGM) and Opportunities in Physical Therapy Careers (VGM).

You could also go to various job sites – both general and specific – and search out various jobs in the fields you are interested in and see which ones most appeal to you. Check out Quintessential Careers for a thorough list of these sites.

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