Explaining Why You Left Bad Job

Fintan writes:
I left my last job several weeks ago. I left as there were much maneuvering manipulation and political intrigue. However I believe I cannot say this to prospective employers.
Any counsel you give is very much appreciated.

The Career Doctor responds:
No you are absolutely correct. The one rule of job-hunting and interviewing is never never say anything bad about former bosses or employers — no matter how much you want to say something. You simply need to come up with a reason why you left your last job. A common response is something along the lines that you had achieved all you could and it was time to move to a higher level of challenges. Focus on accomplishments and challenges not learning — and don’t make the answer too self-centered. You could also say the organizational structure was such that you really had nowhere to go internally so unfortunately you are looking at new opportunities and employers.
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