Explaining Short Job Stints

Jacki writes:
JobHopperI graduated with a bachelor’s degree in marketing almost a year ago. I have been at my current job for nine months. I am not happy with my job anymore and I have found that my unhappiness is affecting my work. So I have decided to look for another job. However I don’t want future employers to think that I will only stay at their job for nine months as well. How do I deal with that question when it comes up and what should I say in an interview as to why I am leaving after only being there for such a short while?

The Career Doctor responds:
First let me assure you that job-hunting after only nine months on your first job is not such an issue as it might have been in the past. Employers recognize that the reality of the current job environment is that most people need to move around to advance in their careers. Furthermore many of the entry-level jobs that college graduates fill can be mastered in about a year so some employers prepare or expect that these employees will be ready for advancement.

Second you need to focus on the positive regarding the job interviews. You need to stress that you have mastered the skills required for your current job and are looking to make an important contribution in a new job for a new employer.

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