Everything’s Great … But No Job Offers. Is It Her Credit?

Barb writes:
Was wondering something . . . I seem to have a great response to my simple resume
my interview goes well my references are called (ALL speak highly). . . but I NEVER
get the job/position. Could my credit rating be the reason? Must they tell me if they use a CREDIT CHECK? Should I tell them upfront why before I apply or at the interview?

The Career Doctor responds:
I know of some employers that do very thorough background checks including credit reports but I certainly do not approve of these kinds of measures. How does a credit report — good or bad — tell an employer what kind of employee you’ll be? It doesn’t!
Unless your credit history is simply horrible my guess is that it is something else that is causing the problem. Did you write thank you letters after each interview? Did you follow up with the employer rather than waiting to hear back? Were you as proactive as you could be?
The best solution? Contact one of the employers that did not offer you the job and ask if they would be willing to discuss why you did not get an offer. Most probably would not tell you but perhaps you’ll get lucky and one will be honest with you.

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