Enhance Studies to Boost Job Change?

S.B. writes:
I recently started my current job after a long job search and various temping positions. I graduated from college three years ago. I have a BA in business administration with a major in international business. I have worked at so many companies. But now I have a growing curiosity toward the computer industry. I am thinking of taking one of those expensive computer classes. Would having a major in the business field and having such an inconsistent work history work against me when I pursue a job in the computer industry?

The Career Doctor responds:
First I’m not sure you are talking about a career change or simply a shift from one industry to another … but I am assuming you mean a career change from business to computers.

There’s something to be said for finding your niche but I am a little worried about what your resume looks like and what you would say to me if I were interviewing you and asked you why you seem so restless in your jobs … first temping then you get your current job and now you are already looking beyond this job to a new career and job. So sit there and honestly answer my question: Why the interest in a career change?

If you have truly lost interest in business and have found computer work more exciting and challenging then you should look into getting some further education. But be extremely careful about where you take those classes. With your background I would lean more to a master’s degree in information technology but there are other legitimate trade and technical schools. Wherever you go make sure the school is fully accredited – and – if they offer placement assistance. And I would try to work school around your current employment so you can show more stability.
Good luck.

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