Employer Asks for Second Interview but Fails to Follow Through

Mara writes:
I read your article regarding Job Interview Follow Up Do’s & Don’ts. I interviewed
with a company for a position I was really interested in. The company has no
more 50 people and I met with 5; two of them were in HR. I sent thank-you
notes to each one. After two weeks and hearing nothing I figured they found
someone else. Then HR emailed me (I would expect a phone call is faster
means of communication) asking me to come in again and when I responded
both by email and phone I never got a response
Some people have said it’s probably not a company I’d to work with.
What do you think?

The Career Doctor responds:
I might have to agree with some of your friends that this behavior might be
a sign that the company is not right for you. While I talk a lot about job-seeker etiquette in this blog whenever I meet with employers I also remind them
of the importance of etiquette and respect — and I feel as though this employer
needs a little lesson in those areas.
Nice job by the way in writing a thank-you note to each person… and yes
for all of you readers you must thank each person who interviews you — and
yes they all need to be original letters (though parts can be the same).
The only flaw I can see in your job-search strategy is that you did not follow up
after sending the thank-you notes. I’m dealing with a client in a similar situation
right now… you must be proactive and you must continue (politely and professionally)
to show your interest in the position and the company.
My best guess is that you were possibly a second-choice candidate and when the
first choice either backed out or looked as though he/she was going to back out
you then received the email from human resources.
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