Don’t Leave Dates Off an Academic Resume/CV

Patty writes:
I have heard that some people say not to list education dates on a curriculum vitae for a job in higher education. I am wondering if this is correct? As an academic with a Ph.D my resume is close to 10-12 pages because of the experience I have.

The Career Doctor responds:
I’ve never heard of leaving off dates on an academic curriculum vitae (CV) and I don’t even advise it on non-academic resumes very often anymore. The reason to leave off dates is to avoid age discrimination but that’s really not an issue in academia. And while researching a resume book a couple of years ago my partner learned that employers get really irritated when dates are left off.

So no I would never advise leaving off education dates for an academic CV.

The number of pages is fine also. Multi-page resumes and CVs are expected in academia; in fact I sometimes think the hiring mentality is that the more pages you have the more impressive you are. After all those pages usually accommodate the publications and other intellectual contributions that are so highly valued in higher education.
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