Does Candidate Have to Reveal Current Salary?

Charlie writes:
I have a questions regarding salary history that I hope you can answer.
When negotiating salary for a new job is the candidate required to reveal what
his salary is at his current position to the potential new employer?

The Career Doctor responds:
The alarming number of stories I’ve heard about recruiters getting more
aggressive about salary negotiation disappoint me.
Are you required to disclose your current salary? Of course not. If you don’t
are you likely to remain a candidate for the position? No.
The problem I have with requesting an applicant’s current salary is that it really
should have no bearing on any part of the job-search process. It should not
affect whether the job-seeker gets an interview nor should it affect whether
the job-seeker gets the offer.
Unfortunately some employers use previous (or current) salary as an indicator of
whether you are deserving of being considered for the job.
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