Discreetly Apply for Job in Parent Company?

SuccessladderMichael writes:
I am currently working for a subsidiary of a large corporation. I am interested in working for the parent corporation and would like to seek out a job position there.

Yes I know – technically I am working for the parent company but would like to work for them directly (for career advancement). What is the best way to approach this situation while “keeping it under the hat” for the time being with the subsidiary company? Are there ethical issues involved here?

Would it be more like applying for a transfer or do I apply with a resume and cover letter like I would any new job?

How would I word my situation in a cover letter?

The Career Doctor responds:
Michael most companies with various divisions and subsidiaries have very specific guidelines in terms of the process one goes about for applying for a job within the corporate umbrella. In some cases the policy treats the process as a simple job transfer but in others the policy treats the process as a full-scale job search.

At one corporation I deal with the policy is that you have to inform your current manager that you are interested in an internal position (transfer). He or she then has the power to approve or disapprove the interview and possible transfer.

You are in a very touchy situation and I strongly encourage you to speak to a human-resource person at the parent company – and learn in general terms the process that your company wants its employees to follow. Failure to follow this policy could be disastrous for you.

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