Discerning Meaning and Motivation for Third Interview

Anonymous writes:
I have recently been
invited back to a third interview with a company. This is a lunch interview
with the CFO supervisor and an IT consultant. I had previously met with
the CFO and supervisor for the second interview. What could this mean?
Is it a good sign? Do they want the IT consultant to interview me by
asking IT-related questions? Are they really close to making a decision?
Am I in really good standing for the position? Will they make me an offer
at this location?

The Career Doctor responds:
From what you’ve written I would say you are in great shape — and yes I would
expect an offer to be forthcoming either at the lunch or shortly thereafter.
With job-hunting the toughness of job interviews often goes in inverse relation
to the order. Thus the first interviews are usually the hardest where you can
expect to be grilled asked to take various psychological tests sit before a
panel of interviewers even given a case you are asked to solve.
But once you get to the later interviews especially revolving around a meal and
especially with the same people you have already interviewed with it now becomes
more of a question of fit. Does this job-seeker have the personality to excel in
our culture? And I am assuming the consultant is there not to grill you but to meet
with you.
The key to this interview is all about fit. You still need to be in job-seeking mode
but allow some aspects of your personality to show. Enjoy yourself — but be sure
to follow the rules of dining etiquette.
These rules or protocols should guide a job-seeker’s conduct. Some people call
these rules good manners but more refer to them as business etiquette. By
adhering to proper etiquette a job-seeker can gain a perceptual edge over other
job-seekers that can lead to a job offer.
Dining etiquette is all about knowing all aspects of table manners (napkins
silverware glasses plates) as well as having ordering savvy. I don’t think a job-seeker
who uses his salad fork for the main meal would not get hired but someone who
orders something messy like ribs and eats like a pig might lose the offer.
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