Difficulty Finding Job After Relocation

Greg writes:
I just moved from San Francisco to Laguna Beach and I have no job. It has been six months and I’m worried that it is hurting my search. I also am finding it hard since I do not know a soul down in this area. What do you suggest doing? I was going to pay an executive-search company but it seems very expensive for something I can probably do myself. What about headhunters? It seems they all want you to post your resume. I want someone that I can sit and discuss my experience and work with closely. Is this possible without paying someone?

The Career Doctor responds:
Greg it’s often a bit harder finding employment when you’ve relocated than when job-hunting in familiar territory. In your case though I have to ask you to carefully examine what you’ve been doing for the past six months. Have you actively been involved in job-searching every single day during these past six months? What has been your job-search strategy? Are you getting job interviews? Are you actively involved in building your network in Laguna Beach? Have you kept your skills current by trying to do some freelancing temping or volunteer work?
I am going to give you some quick guidelines for getting your job-search back on track
but because space is limited may I suggest you take the time to read our article
on Quintessential Careers New City New Job: How to Conduct a Long-Distance Job Search.
The first thing you need to do is sit down and devise a detailed job-search strategy. Set a goal to accomplish at least two or three job-search activities daily. Identify the key companies and hiring managers for your area of expertise. Join at least one professional organization and one community organization — and get to work networking. Contact friends family and associates from San Francisco and see if any of them have connections in Laguna Beach. If you attended college contact the career services office and see about job-search help for alums — including potential alum network contacts in Laguna Beach. Contact some of the colleges and universities in the area — I know UC Irvine is only about 10 miles away — and see if they offer any kind of career assistance. Put the recruiter contacts you’ve made to work harder — or find other headhunters who will work for you. Check geographic-specific job sites. Watch the Sunday classifieds and other resources for job-postings.
If you read the article and put into place all the suggestions I outlined in the previous paragraph you should be closer to at least getting job interviews. If you are not getting any offers after you’ve interviewed then you’ll need to examine your interviewing techniques. Go to the interviewing
resources section
of Quintessential Careers for help.

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