Desperate for Career-Change Advice

Victoria writes:
I am writing for some desperate advice on making a career change.
I have been working as an admin assistant/secretary for the last 5-6 years.
It was never something I wanted to do. I only did it to get my foot in the
door at various companies. I am very bored not challenged at all and I
know that I don’t do as well at it as I should only because I hate it so much.
I have taken a job personality test to give me a better idea at what I
would be good at and enjoy but I don’t know how to get myself there. I
don’t know where to get started and completely changing careers in a
totally different field. Not to mention getting the courage to take such a large step.

The Career Doctor responds:
Changing careers is indeed a big step and one that will take a lot of work
and persistence on your part. However to switch to a job and a career you
enjoy will make up for any short-term pains or setbacks along the way.
My best advise is to find a mentor … someone you can lean on — and who
can give you encouragement — when times get tough. Since you’ve taken
some time to reflect on what you want to do now is the time to conduct
research into career fields that utilize those skills. Once you’ve identified
potential career paths the next step is to determine whether you’ll need
further education or training. Finally to make the transition easier you’ll
want to gain some experience in your new career path through volunteer
work or part-time employment.
You’ll also need to diversify and strengthen your network of contacts.
Consider joining a professional organization in your new career field –
and get involved. Networking is the single largest method for job-seekers
to find new jobs.
Since you have held a job for the last six years now is also the time to
brush up on the latest in critical job-search skills including cover letter writing resume development and job interview techniques.
Finally be flexible. Changing careers is rarely easy but the rewards
can be great.
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