De-emphasizing 7 Jobs in 7 Years

D. A. writes:
There is no way for me to hide the fact that I’ve had 7 jobs in last 7 years. Although I have great credentials no one will hire me — I actually have a job paying 1/3 less than what I’m used to making. Do I stick it out for a year? Do I try to finish my CPA license in this state (varies from state to state)? Do I go back to school at night for IT? Thanks.

The Career Doctor responds:
You actually have a couple of problems. First you need to figure out why you’ve had seven jobs in the last seven years — not only for your own well-being but because employers are going to be asking you that question — and then you need to determine how to stop the job-hopping. Second you need to determine why you are working at a job that pays a third less than what you’ve been making — and whether you should continue to do so. Third you need to determine your career interests — do you want to be a CPA or work in IT…or do something entirely different? I suggest you sit down
and determine what you want to do for the next five years or so.
Once you’ve determined the root of your restlessness and have zeroed in on a career goal then you can start with your career and job-search strategies. If you don’t already use one I strongly suggest considering a resume in a chrono-functional format. Read more in this article: Should You Consider a Functional Resume? Keep in mind though that many employers dislike any kind of functional format so you’ll want to also have s chronological version in case the chrono-functional isn’t working for you. You’ll also need to have an answer for your job-hopping — one employers will believe. You can find help in the interviewing resources section of Quintessential Careers.
Be sure to take the time to really address — for your sake — the reasons for your restlessness. You will be much happier (and healthier) when you are in a career field and job that challenges you and one which you enjoy doing.
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