Declining a Disappointing Job Offer

Kimberly writes:
I recently applied for a job opportunity and was made an offer. The problem is that the offer is significantly below my expectations and is not commensurate with my vast experience level. It appears that the institution is not willing to reconsider nor re-negotiate an increase so that I feel it is necessary for me to withdrawal from consideration or decline the offer. Can you please tell me which letter style would be more appropriate — a letter of withdrawal or a letter of rejection?
Also would you happen to have a sample letter that would delineate the reasons to withdrawal from this opportunity? Thank you for your time regarding this matter. Any information forwarded is greatly appreciated.

The Career Doctor responds:
Before we get too far ahead of ourselves I guess I want to make sure that you have exhausted all your options in terms of salary negotiation. Yes there are companies that simply will not negotiate on salary but given the current job market that number has to be fairly small. Second is salary the bottom line for you? Would you consider the offer if you could get major concessions on other elements of the compensation package other than salary such as vacation time bonuses insurance premiums etc.? I strongly suggest you spend a little time reviewing the Quintessential
Careers: Salary and Job Offer Negotiation Tutorial
Once you’ve exhausted all those options then yes you want to write a letter of withdrawal. No sense burning any bridges that could come back to haunt you later in your career. It’s human nature to want to stick a jab in the letter about the low pay but avoid that. Instead simply write a professional letter declining the offer.
Follow this link to find Quintessential Careers: A Sample Letter Declining a Job Offer.
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