Damage Control After a Job Interview

Kevin writes:
I was recently flown out for a final interview. I met with an entire team
of executives over the course of the day. The last interview was with
the VP. I do not feel my interview went great with him and I gave an
answer to a question that I have lost sleep over. Is it ok to send a
thank you and let the interviewer know how I felt about my answer and
clear up what I wanted to say?

The Career Doctor responds:
Yes. I call that “damage control. You must be very careful though.
Sometimes the damage is only in your head and the interviewer barely
noticed. Be upbeat and say something like: “After reflecting on my
response to your question about ____ I felt I could have given a more
complete answer. Let me elaborate ….”
Here’s an article about interview damage control and a sample thank-you letter that aims at damage control.
For more about post-interview communication see our Post-Job-Interview Thank-You-Letter Worksheet.

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