Cruise Ship Bartending

Judith writes:
I wonder if you could help me. My son is looking for a job as a bartender on a cruise boat somewhere … We don’t really know where to look for.
I would appreciate very much if you could give some clue how to find that kind of job.
Thank you very much.

The Career Doctor responds:
I guess I’m showing my age but the first image that came to my mind in reading your letter was Isaac the bartender from the television series The Love Boat. All joking aside the cruise industry has certainly been growing with companies such as P&O Princess Cruises Carnival Royal Caribbean Cruises and Norwegian Cruise Lines all adding new ships — with plans for even more — so the job outlook is quite strong.
The problem seems to be more with how to get one of those jobs. There are any number of “cruise ship jobs” Websites but all of them charge a fee. I have serious reservations about job-seekers ever having to pay for job information or leads so I really can’t recommend any of them.
I suggest you review some of the jobs sites in two sections of Quintessential Careers:

Finally my best suggestion is for your son to develop a list of the cruise-ship companies that he wants to work for and conduct a “cold calling” job campaign. You can read more about this proven job search method by going to my article Cold Calling: A Time-Tested
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