Cover Letters for Relocation

Relocation_2Sheila writes:
Although I currently reside in San Francisco I am planning to relocate to Indianapolis within the next 3 months (or so). My boyfriend suggested that I submit my resume with a cover letter to various companies in hopes of establishing a relationship and inquiring about employment opportunities. My problem is that I just don’t know what specifically the cover letter should say. Can you please help me?

The Career Doctor responds:
A cover letter is an extremely important part of your direct-mail campaign. Before I get to cover letters though I want to make sure you have some overall strategy about relocating. You are smart to contact companies before you move but you need a strategy in terms of the types of companies finding the companies and finding the right people to contact. And once you’ve sent out your cover letter and resume packages you need to make sure you follow up and contact these people and try to get some interviews – either by phone or as soon as you get to Indianapolis.

In terms of a cover letter here’s the short version. The cover letter is a crucial marketing document that must be directed to a named individual and create enough interest on the part of the potential employer to have him or her then look at your resume. You must create interest while also quantifying your qualifications for the position you seek. You must also demonstrate some knowledge of the company and stress what you can do for the company. Finally you must request action – an interview.

The long version? Go visit Quintessential Careers: Cover Letter Resources where you’ll find a cover letter tutorial a do’s and don’ts of cover letters and a cover letter formula and much more.

And for more help with the relocation check out this section of Quintessential Careers: Job-Seeker Relocation Resources.
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