Countering Employer’s Assertion That She’d Be Bored in the Job

Annette writes:
I went on an interview today and at the end of the interview the
hiring manager tells me that I would be too bored in this position.
He totally caught me off guard and I honestly could not respond to
his comment. However I do want to emphasize to him in a thank-you letter that I would be an asset to his group and organization
and that I am perfectly qualified for this position.
He seemed to be really impressed with my experience and skills
during the whole interview. I don’t know where I went wrong. He gave
an impression that his group was not “organized” and he seemed
frustrated that there isn’t some sort of policy in place for most of their
work. As I have emphasized all the processes I’ve implemented for
3 divisions and so on; I would think that he would be highly interested.
Can you give me some advice as to how I can mention in my letter what
he said and how I disagree with him etc. Can you help me?

The Career Doctor responds:
First don’t panic too much. We all have been stumped in job interviews
by questions or comments that seem to come from out of nowhere. And
you are absolutely correct that the perfect place to address the issue is
in the interview thank-you letter.
Being too bored sounds very similar to being over-qualified and it might
have been his hint to you that the position is below you but it also may
be that you did not do as well a job as you had hoped on selling him on
what you could do for his group.
So besides the usual information in a thank-you note you should include
a paragraph that specifically deals with the issue — in your case the
comment about being bored.

After our interview I’m convinced that I have all the ingredients you’re
looking for in your group manager. I know you expressed some concern
in our meeting that I would be too bored in this position. I want to stress
however that I am the perfect candidate for this position — with the right
mix of skills and experience to make an immediate and lasting impact
on the group and the organization.

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