Continue Interview Process If You May Not Want the Job?

Eric writes:
I had a very successful first interview with a firm I’ve always wanted to interview with – but am still not sure of the opportunity. The recruiter is looking to set up the second interview.

Is it wise and ethical to continue the process even if the job may not be quite what I had envisioned. I may have to ultimately turn down an offer if it is made. Is this considered “spinning their wheels?” On the other hand there seems to be no way to really know more without proceeding.

What exactly is the right way to back away at any point but leave the door open for continued opportunities?

The Career Doctor responds:
I see no ethical problem in continuing with the process. You never know; you could be surprised and find that the opportunity is right for you after all. You may even want to prepare some questions for the second interview that will help you determine if the position will work for you. You may also want to talk to others who work there to get a feel for the culture.

I don’t even see an ethical problem in continuing right up to the time you get an offer which you can always turn down.

If you don’t feel right about that and would rather back out simply tell the recruiter you’ve determined there is not a good fit and you would like to withdraw from consideration.
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