Complex Questions about Follow-up

Stacey writes:
I recently read your article on the internet about
follow up do’s and don’ts
. I have a complex question.
I interviewed at a major pharmaceutical company where I was initially contacted
by a recruiting manager requesting my availability. After my first set of interviews
the hiring manager’s administrative assistant emailed me for availability to meet with
2 additional people. I went back 2 days later. Then 2 days after that a recruiting
consultant contacted me asking for my availability for an additional round of interviews.
It’s been 3 days since I sent that email and have received no response; I also left
him a voicemail. I want the hiring manager and recruiting manager to know that
I am interested in the position. Should I follow up with the people that interviewed
me as well as the recruiting manager or just wait for some type of reply from the
recruiting consultant?

The Career Doctor responds:
I am a firm believer in follow-up. Doing so is sometimes the difference between
being considered for the position and getting the interview — or the job offer. The
key is following-up in a professional manner.
Yours is an interesting case because so many different people are involved.
Have you written thank-you notes to all the folks you interviewed with? If not
you need to make sure you do so for all future opportunities.
I see no harm in following up with all the key folks in this decision. It is certainly
possible among them your response got lost. It’s also possible that the hiring
decision has been put on hold. So do not read too much into the lack of responses.
Follow-up professionally — with each of the key players — continue to show your
interest and enthusiasm for the job and the company. If you have any new
information about yourself or can showcase more insight into the company
be sure to mention that in your follow-up.
Be persistent in following up at least until you know an answer one way
or the other.
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