Children + Travel = Career?

Nitara writes:
I have tried talking to several advisors at my university with no help. I am interested in a
career involving children and travel. I have a gift for listening to people and have thought
of almost everything and have finally decided to major in an Interdisciplinary social-science degree with criminology and psychology as my two cognates. I want to
work with rehabilitating and counseling children that come in to contact with
Children and Families Dept. usually due to child abuse. I only know about the
social-work B.A. degree which is not broad enough for what I want. I want to
move my way up to running the program if not starting my own facility. This way
children will have access to counseling before they are placed in foster care or
adoption. If you have any ideas or advice please let me know. Thank you in
advance for your time.

The Career Doctor responds:
My best advice would be to get an internship with a social-services agency that closely matches what you want to do. If you can’t
do an internship then I suggest you conduct some informational
interviews with directors of social-service programs that match what you
want to do with your career.
An internship is your best bet because it will give you vital experience
hopefully confirm your career interests and give you some vital contacts
that you will need upon graduation. It’s getting late to find summer internships
but some are still available. Find all sorts of great internship resources
including articles and other resources in this section of Quintessential
Careers: Internship
Resources for College Students
Whether you complete an internship or not I would also suggest taking the
time to conduct some informational interviews. These are not job interviews
but sessions you conduct with key professionals in your field to learn more
about job and career opportunities to expand your network and to get solid
career advice. You can learn more about the value the method and the
potential outcomes by visiting this free tutorial from Quintessential Careers:
Interviewing Tutorial
From my experience in the social-work area I would also say that what you
want to do would also require a master’s degree in social work; of course
one of the benefits of conducting informational interviews is confirming information
such as this. A nice site to learn more information is:
Social Work for Graduate School: How to Get In.
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Sat 8am - 5pm CST, Sun 10am - 6pm CST