Change Careers into Travel Industry?

Anonymous writes:
I am working in a finance department and not making the money ITravelAgent need to be satisfied. I have spoken with someone in the travel industry and she told me the ups and downs of working in a travel agency. The money would definitely be a plus but it would be a big change. I have two children and would have to leave them for three weeks and hopefully it would be for the better. Also I would not have income coming in for three weeks which is a concern. Someone told me to be aware that the Internet is taking a lot of travel needs away from the agencies. I need advice

The Career Doctor responds:
It’s funny how the growth of the Web is changing how business is done and people’s perceptions of how business is done. However I would worry less about the impact of the Web on travel agencies and more about whether making this career change is in the best interest of you and your family.

As you make a career change one of the most important things you can do is talk with people currently working in your potential new career. You have spoken with one person. Before making the jump I would talk with several other travel agents – at varying size companies – to get a better picture of the field. I know I will sound like a broken record but you really should conduct some informational interviews. Check out the ins and outs of informational interviewing by visiting Quintessential Careers: Informational Interviewing Tutorial.

By the way according to my sources while the Web is taking some business away from traditional travel agencies more and more people are traveling; thus demand is still strong for knowledgeable agents. Many job openings will arise as new agencies open and existing agencies expand but most openings will occur as experienced agents transfer to other occupations or leave the labor force.”
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