Careers for History Majors

V. K. writes:
My son a college freshman loves history. What other careers besides teaching would be available to a history major?

HistoryMajorThe Career Doctor responds:

Since the latest statistics show that the average person will change careers – not just jobs – at least five times over his or her worklife the most important thing for you to do is to encourage your son to finish his college education – and to fill it with as great a variety of courses as he can so that he can be exposed to a variety of skills and experiences.

As for history in particular your son could become a government worker or aide research assistant lobbyist journalist intelligence agent consumer advocate foreign service worker and others. A great source for learning more about this topic is for you to visit the Quint Careers section What Can I do With a Major in…?. Other sources of this type of career discovery information can be found at Quintessential Careers: Career Exploration.
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