Career-Changer Fights Lack of Experience, Along with Possible Age Discrimination

Emily writes:
I am starting a new career and have not been successful in landing a job.
I am interested in working for banks but have limited experience. About 99 percent
of the jobs advertised requires one to be experienced.
How do I get in at entry level with no qualifications? I am a quick learner and a
team player. I need to work before I can afford to study further if the job requires.
I am 50 years old but look about 40. In today’s working world 40 is old so I
have an extra dilemma.

The Career Doctor responds:
Career change is always a challenge but even more so for older workers. What
kind of job are you looking for in banking?
There are always ways to gain experience if not directly in banking in some related
field that uses the same skills. (Think temping or volunteering… and don’t forget
transferable skills from your current career field.)
Please note though that you will most likely NOT find a new job by replying to
advertised job postings. You need to use your career network to help you uncover
the hidden job market — and to use your network contacts to help you get a foot in the door.
As for being an older job-seeker and career-changer you may face some age-discrimination
issues but as long as you showcase your willingness to learn to make a contribution
and to be a team-player you should be okay in your job search.
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