Career that Combines Interests with “Passion for Moneyâ€

Paula writes:
MoneyPassionI am majoring in psychology and minoring in business administration. I plan to attend graduate school for business administration. I would like to travel. I am interested in making money but I want a career that is creative artistic and allows me to work flexible hours. I do not want to work public relations advertising marketing or accounting. Can my passion for money and interests coincide? Please help!

The Career Doctor responds:
Wow … you have a lot of interests but also some major restrictions. My most important advice I think is to rethink getting your MBA. I have counseled too many undergraduate students who – for lack of a clear career direction – go to graduate school thinking it will help sharpen their career focus. Or maybe they are just not quite ready to join the workforce.

I would recommend you talk with some of your favorite psychology and business professors and chat with them about your ideas and goals. . . they should be able to give you a little more direction.

My advice from my limited knowledge of you? You might look into careers in consulting (though you will need to take more accounting) with a firm such as Accenture or in international management. Both of these careers can offer you a good salary and travel allow you to be creative in handling new problems and provide a good salary. With your background in psychology you might also consider human-resources management but I don’t think it really meets you other requirements.

Finally you might also try a few of the career assessments that we recommend and see if they can give you some more ideas. You can find a bunch of assessments (most free or inexpensive) at Career Assessment Tests and Tools.
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