Career Ideas for an MBA

Kevin writes:
My wife is pursuing her MBA but has no idea what type of career she would like to put it to use for. Is there a list of the best 100 careers out there that has a job description or something similar?

The Career Doctor responds:
I have taught in an MBA program and been amazed when I hear of students such as your wife who don’t really know why they are getting their MBA or what they will do with it once they earn it.
If your wife really has no idea I would suggest she go to Quintessential Careers: Job Resources for MBAs where we have gathered the best job and career development (and networking) sites for MBA candidates and grads. I am sure she can not only find some good career leads but possibly some job leads as well.
Finally does your wife have any work experience? If not then I would make sure she starts working immediately. I think one of the toughest sells on the job market is an MBA with no experience — because of the degree the employer is somewhat obligated to pay the person more than a job-seeker with a bachelor’s degree but if the job-seeker with the bachelor’s degree has more experience than the one with the MBA guess which one the employer will hire? The employer gets an employee with experience at a lower salary — a win-win.
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