Career Direction for Prospective MBA?

Julie writes:
Please review my attached resume and sample cover letter. I am currently working on going to a local business school next year. Preferably Rice University but I am also applying at University of Houston. I will be working toward an MBA in marketing. Do you have any career suggestions or can you offer any fresh career ideas for me. I am interested in a marketing/public relations position.

The Career Doctor responds:
I’m sorry Julie but I never review or critique job-seeker’s resumes or cover letters. There are plenty of services that will do that for you.
I can however talk a bit about your MBA and career goals. First you should know that you will be facing increasing competition to get accepted into MBA programs as the number of applicants nationwide has continued to swell over the last several months. Assuming you get into one or more of the MBA programs I would suggest you choose the school that has a strong record of placing their marketing MBAs. I would also suggest that you continue working — or take an internship while in the MBA program — to continue to gain valuable marketing experience.
You will greatly enhance your chances for success by combining the value of the marketing MBA with related marketing experience…the perfect mix of top-level skills associated with someone who has just received her MBA and a strong record of accomplishments and experience from previous marketing experience.
Finally I strongly suggest you read my article The Master of Business Administration: Is the MBA Worth the Time Effort and Cost?
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