Career Direction for New College Grad

Eric writes:
I just graduated and I received a bachelor degree in political science and I minored in communications and business. Do have any recommendations on any up and coming careers that I should pursue?

The Career Doctor responds:
I think you really need to do some soul searching to find the answer to your question. Why did you choose your major and your minors? What drove you to political science? What aspect of political science did you enjoy the most? Same thing for communications and business — what aspects did you enjoy the most?

Without knowing anything more about you I would say that your major and minors look like the perfect education for a political consultant press spokesperson campaign aide. Do you like politics? If you want to stay in your current location look around and see who has announced or is rumored to be exploring a run at office. If you are open to relocation you can go to the national political party of your choosing and get more information. You should also network with your political science professors and see if any of them have contacts with current office holders or candidates running for office.

That’s just one avenue you could take. You could also go into human resources corporate communications marketing public relations or a handful of other jobs and career paths.

The door is wide open to you … you now just need to figure out which path interests you the most.
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