Career Change without Experience in the Field

Michelle writes:
I am 32 and am currently shifting careers out of the medical social-work sector and want to start a career in computers. I have been asking a lot of people about “jobs in the computer industry” and everyone keeps pointing me toward web design/development
and e-commerce. I live in St. Petersburg Florida. My problem is that I have no experience in computers and am wondering if I will be taken seriously after I complete some education in Web design??? My lack of good information regarding computer jobs
is really hindering my decision-making process. Any advice/suggestions would be welcomed graciously.

The Career Doctor responds:
Michelle career changing is a big step and I laud you for facing the challenge. Before you progress too much further may I recommend one of my articles? Please read The 10-Step Plan to Career Change.
My one big question for you deals with your career choice. How can you be so sure that you want to change to a career in computers if you really have no experience with computers? Perhaps you should take a computer-related course while still in your current position.
Assuming you want to stay in St. Petersburg you may want to check on the prospects in your area.
Assuming there will be career opportunities for you the next step is determining where and what type of education you will need. Once you’ve determined your educational requirements the other big suggestion for you is to get experience in your new field while getting that education — even if it volunteer work — just get the experience.


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