Career Change to Work with Living Things

Virginia writes:
I am looking to change careers from the clerical and retail fields into working
full-time with animals people or plants/flowers as my career counselor has
advised. I don’t know where to begin — any advice?

The Career Doctor responds:
I think you are on the right track in identifying a new career field that you
want to change into — one based on your interests and abilities — but I think
you need to take a two-pronged approach to make a successful transition from
your old career to the new one.
First I believe you need to further narrow your new field — working with animals
people or plants how? For example you could easily stay in retail and seek
employment with a florist — working with flowers. To succeed you
must narrow your focus — through research. Start investigating the types of jobs
that interest you. Once you’ve identified several jobs conduct more research
to determine the education/training and skills needed for those jobs and make
a determination about whether you have the necessary qualifications.
Second at the same time as you are researching jobs investigate volunteering
options that will allow you to gain experience in your new career — while also
conducting more research. Consider volunteering at an animal shelter or nursing
home — or any other organization that counts on volunteers. Your local United
Way may be a good place to start.
And some online resources that can help you with the process include the
Job and
Career Resources for Career Changers
Volunteering and
Nonprofit Career Resources
sections of Quintessential Careers.
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