Career Change Out of Teaching

Kristin writes:
I am a 27-year-old English teacher with 5 years under my belt. I am considering a career change and am wondering what opportunities are available for former teachers. Are there jobs/corporations that specifically target former teachers?

The Career Doctor responds:
Kristin teaching is such a noble profession yet I also understand there is a fairly high rate of burnout especially when working at under-funded public schools.
As a teacher you really have two sets of skills that you can use to your advantage when contemplating a career change. You have your subject-specific set of skills — your writing and communications skills and your professional skills — training and teaching skills. Between those two sets of skills you have so many possible career options — but you aren’t limited by those skills because if you have the interest the time and the expertise you can switch careers in any direction.
Based on your experience some immediate fields that came to my mind: journalist proof-reader researcher editor technical writer publicist trainer lobbyist admissions recruiter camp director curriculum specialist.
I suggest you read my article The 10-Step Plan to Career Change.
Your choices are really limitless. You now just need to spend the time contemplating the direction of your life — and your next career move.
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