Career Change from Factory Worker to Real Estate

Johannah writes:
CareerChangeI am 46 and thinking of changing my job from factory worker to real estate. I am currently taking a class for real estate. and have been offered jobs by two people. I am presently working where I have insurance and medical benefits. Do you think I should take benefits into consideration for the amount of money I should ask for?

I won’t be able to get commission until I get my licenses. Do they usually offer benefits to people who plan to be a licensed salesperson in real estate? I am not sure just what to expect and what I should beware of. I had asked for part-time and they said they need full-time.

The other one said fine for part-time and did not say much about how I would get paid. What do you think I should do?

The Career Doctor responds:
Making a career change is a big step and it sounds as though you have taken some good first steps in terms of taking classes and networking your way to two potential job offers. I’m a little concerned because I don’t see many details about the two offers other than one has to be full-time and the other could be either full- or part-time.

Here’s what you need to decide: How much income do you need over the next year or so? How much do you have in savings or other liquid accounts for emergencies? Do you need the insurance and medical benefits – or can you afford to pay those on your own?

Without knowing all the details I would suggest staying on in your current job continue taking classes and working toward your license and work for the company that offered the part-time position so you can get your feet wet and decide if this is really the career change you want to make. By following this plan you keep your current salary and benefits while trying out the new career and moving forward in the direction to make a transition.

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