Can’t Get No Satisfaction: Seeking Balance

Anonymous writes:
My question is how to find satisfaction with my career. I’ve got satisfactionvery marketable skills but find myself job-hopping because the satisfaction never lasts beyond a few years. The money may be less in another industry but satisfaction may be better. How do I find a balance? Many Thanks.

The Career Doctor responds:

You need to find that balance. While a little job-hopping is almost expected in today’s job market employers do not like to receive resumes of people who can’t seem to hold a job. In other words if you don’t find balance soon you may soon find it very hard to find a new job.

Job satisfaction comes from many sources so you need to decide what the most important factors are to you for job satisfaction.

Perhaps a good book for you to read is Career Satisfaction & Success: A Guide to Job and Personal Freedom by the late Bernard Haldane Ph.D. He wrote from his many years of experience helping people make the most of their careers and lives.


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