Can She Rebound from Weak Performance at Company Job Fair?

Kathryn writes:
I recently went to a job fair seeking a position that was exactly what I have been
looking for and matches my background perfectly…. However after a preliminary
interview I was told I would get a call the next day (No call two business days
have passed).
Afterwards I felt I did not do my best. Although my background is exactly what they
were looking for there was also an aptitude test and a personality test and I get
anxious and start overthinking every little thing.
That said I have since learned this same company is holding another job fair this
week for the same position. Do I forget about it and cut my losses or do I go back
only this time better prepared? I don’t know that the same recruiter will be present
at this up coming job fair.

The Career Doctor responds:
There are several issues here and let me see if I can address them all.
First you — and all job-seekers — really need to learn the importance of follow-up.
Just because an employer tells you they will contact you at some point in the future
(and then doesn’t) does not necessarily mean bad news. So pick up the phone
and call the employer and ask where your application stands. It is that simple.
And two days is nothing in this current extended job-search cycle.
Second did you send a thank-you note after the job fair? Not doing so may not
have cost you a call back but doing so gives you an edge over many other job-seekers.
Always write a thank-you letter as quickly as possible after the interview but even
a couple of days later is still okay.
Third aptitude and personality tests are certainly trendy these days and it is a possibility
that whatever you scored did not match the “type” that they hire. But you have no way of
knowing this information unless you follow-up. There really are no wrong answers on
these things so next time just relax and do not over-think your answers.
Fourth why not go to the job fair? If you see the same recruiter there it’s the perfect
situation to say that you hoped s/he was there so you could follow-up in person and
ask about the status of your application. If it is a different recruiter build rapport first
but then mention that you had applied for a position and were waiting for a call back.
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