Can Couple Get Jobs Before Relocating?

Bernice writes:
My husband and I live in Ohio now but we want to relocate back to Florida.
We have several resumes out on the Internet and responded to several job postings.
Recruiters are telling me to give them a call after we move down there but we
were hoping we could find a job first then move.

Do you have any suggestions?

The Career Doctor responds:
Long-distance job-hunting and relocating are tricky but do-able. It will
take some planning — and perhaps some sacrifices and some patience –
but you can be successful.
Your first step — since you already know the area — is to develop a
relocation strategy which should include a relocation fund because
you should make at least one trip down to network interview and
examine neighborhoods. And while most employers will not fly you
down for an interview if you “happen” to be coming to the area anyway it’s
more likely you can set-up an interview. If there is simply no way you can
afford a travel fund you’re going to have to try and convince some
employers to conduct the initial interview by phone.
Your second step is developing job leads — and you must be more proactive
than putting your resume on a few job boards. Let everyone in your network –
especially those in Florida — know you are looking to return. You should also
research the major employers for your professions and consider contacting
them directly. You may also want to use a few specialized job sites – niche
sites based on location or industry/profession. Finally consider talking
with recruiters and temporary agencies in the area.
Your third step is to be diligent about following-up every potential job lead
and keeping your network as involved as possible. Send thank-you notes
and follow-up with phone calls. You’ll need to be a bit more aggressive with
a long-distance job search than you would with a local one.
Finally remember that a long-distance search — especially for the two of you
– is going to take some time so try not to get too discouraged.
For more details and other tips read this article published on Quintessential Careers: New
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