Calling the Right Attention to Your Brand to Get Promoted

Maddy writes:
I am a young lady who is looking to climb “the ladder.” I have been with my
company for two years and although have managed several pay raises and taken
on more work in other areas of my job I have not been promoted. I enjoy my work
and don’t want to leave but recently have felt as if I am hitting my head against
a brick wall.
My superiors are very busy people and when I do report to them they don’t seem
to have the time and I feel like I am wasting theirs. I have been thinking of doing
some sort of weekly report or review to let them know what is going on in their
centers with a copy cc’d to the managing director (as requested by him) but
am frightened it will come across as fault-finding and am not sure how best to
set one out?
How would be the best way to assert myself without coming across as a blow-hard?

The Career Doctor responds:
You have all the right instincts but you might want to tweak your actions. I
agree that unless requested some bosses might see that type of report as
overstepping your job.
To get ahead in a timely fashion — either with your current
employer or with a new employer — you must build your career brand. What is
your career brand? It helps define who you are how you are great and why you
should be sought out. Branding is your reputation. Branding is about building a
name for yourself showcasing what sets you apart from others and describing
the added value you bring to a situation.
Will you get promoted and move forward with your career without taking such a
proactive approach? Yes but most likely not at a pace you desire.
As management guru Tom Peters states “we are the CEOs of our own companies:
Me Inc.”
One way of building your brand is to promote yourself with your current employer.
Workers often assume the boss knows your accomplishments but often times
s/he does not. Certainly at review time have a list of all you have achieved since
your last review but also consider finding ways to let the boss know your successes
throughout the year.
But don’t stop there. You can build your brand by also promoting yourself
outside the company through building your reputation within the industry. Other
strategies for building your brand include becoming an expert (writing articles giving speeches) building and nurturing (networking) relationships gaining additional experiences and accomplishments and obtaining additional training education or certifications.
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