Breaking Into Pharmaceutical Sales

Natasha writes:
I graduated from college at end of 2011 with a major in biology.
I am interested in landing a job in pharmaceutical sales (it’s proven to be very difficult
to even get an interview) and if that’s impossible then I would like to work in
marketing and advertising for companies that work with pharmaceutical companies.
I have a little over a year sales experience that is not pharma related so I would be
looking for an entry-level position. I already have a resume and cover letter for this
position but I may need it to be redone. Your thoughts?

The Career Doctor responds:
Pharmaceutical sales remains one of the hottest career choices of college students and recent grads.
I don’t want to get your hopes up but your background is really perfect.
Pharmaceutical companies want someone who has a science background
(so you can understand and explain what you’re selling) and proven sales experience.
But you have to be able to sell yourself first. And in job-hunting terms that
means you need to have a record of accomplishments recorded on your key
marketing document your resume. Sales is all about success conversions.
So your resume needs to showcase specific (quantifiable) results.
Two more obvious credentials are also necessary: passing a drug test and
possessing a good driving record.
The best way to break into the business is through your network. I would contact
your college’s career or alumni offices and get contacts for alums who work in
pharmaceutical sales. If you have doctors in your network (including your personal
physician) ask them for contact information on the reps that call on their offices.
Of course you could also apply directly to the pharmaceutical companies through
their corporate Websites and there are also a number of science-related sites that
contain job postings.
Find lots more detailed tips and suggestions including tips from current pharmaceutical
reps in this article published on Quintessential Careers:
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