Boss Refuses Her Vacation Pay Now that She’s Leaving

Ivy writes:
I just resigned from my job. I had been there 5 years. I’m having a difficult time
with my boss. He is extremely angry that I leaving. I gave my 2-week notice and told
him I’d stay and clean up the work I needed to. We are a small 3-person group
with no handbook. I have a week and 3 days left of vacation time. He is refusing
to give me the money. He said due to me resigning I lose the benefits. We disagreed
and things weren’t good. I read your article on strategies for Resigning with Class.
Is there a state law that says he must pay me that time? Can you lead me in the
right direction to find out that answer?

The Career Doctor responds:
Your situation is unfortunately what happens to some job-seekers who
are simply trying to do the right thing by giving their current employer fair
notice. I just had another job-seeker tell me she is close to resigning her job
but has to wait a few more weeks so that she will receive her bonus
because the employer does not give it to employees who quit earlier in the month.
That said I still think most employers are ethical and willing to give you what
you have coming — bonuses vacation pay etc.
I’m not a lawyer nor do I specialize in labor law issues so my best suggestion
for you is to contact the state’s employment office as well as consult with a labor attorney — if your employer does not have a change of heart.
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